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The British Economy, Brexit and the Great British Pound

As we have been told, it is about one week before the official activation of Article 50 for the U.K ...
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March 21, 2017 Where Is Oil Going Next?

Oil had been in a four dollar price range for nearly four months from December last year until about a ...
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How To Know When To Buy Or Sell A Stock, Or Anything Else

How do you know the best time to buy or sell a stock? That is the million or billion dollar ...
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Do I Have Enough Money To Retire?

'How much money am I going to need to retire?'  A question that is often asked but asked too late ...
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What Is A Financial Safe Haven? And How Can You Profit From Them Now?

What is a financial safe haven?  And how can you profit from them now? The major financial safe havens in ...
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Can The DOW Stay Above 20,000?

At the writing of this article, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has gapped down below 20,000.  Since the end of ...
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401(k)s and IRAs – It’s Not Your Money

When is your money not your money?  Are you aware that you have lost a large measure of control over ...
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Charles Evan’s Comments On Interest Rate Increases – The Power Of The Decimal Point

We have discussed when the Federal Reserve will be raising interest rates in other articles.  We would like you to ...
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IMF Slashes US Growth Dramatically – Why?

Today the IMF reduced the growth expectations for the US economy.  Well, they didn't just reduce them, they seriously slashed ...
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What Is The Real Value Of The DOW Jones Industrial Average?

What is the real value of the DOW Jones Industrial Average?  Why is this a question we should ask? Many ...
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What Is The Biggest Retirement Mistake? How Can You Avoid It?

What is the biggest mistake people make with their retirement 401(k), IRAs or government programs?  The biggest mistake people make ...
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Tax Laws That Help You

At the very least, tax laws are confusing. Because tax law is confusing, many people are afraid of them and ...
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What Is The Best Way To Profit From Brexit?

Brexit, the decision has been made and it is going to happen.  So scary, right?  No. What will change?  Brexit ...
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Fourth Quarter 2016 – Where Are The Markets Going?

Where the markets going to go next?  Some are going to go up and some are going to go down ...
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September 27, 2016 The DOW Jones At Critical Levels

The DOW Jones industrial average is at critical levels.  Why is it at critical levels?  As you can see from ...
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George Soros And The Mexican Peso

What is the purpose of this article?  Is George Soros buying Mexican Pesos, I have no idea.  What I do ...
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Why The Fed Will NOT Raise Interest Rates For A Long Time

The US Federal Reserve may raise rates- eventually.  What they will not be doing is raising rates to levels of ...
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Understanding How To Invest In Gold

Gold, is it a precious metal, a commodity or a currency?  What do you think? Gold is actually all three, ...
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The Price Of Partnering With Banks

Yes, banks have their place and function in society.  At the sake of sounding condescending and that is not at ...
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What Is CLUMP-Onomics?

CLUMP-Onomics, is the impact of the Clinton - Trump campaigns have on the overall economy until a winner is chosen ...
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What’s Worse Than Brexit For A Nations Economic Future? The CLUMP Elections of 2016

First, this is not a political article.  It is a financial article that does not take sides in political elections ...
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The Bank Of Japan Says – ENOUGH!

The Bank of Japan released their policy decisions yesterday.  They made decisions that said to the world, 'Enough!'. For years ...
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Mexico Threatens Intervention

This week the Mexican Peso has attempted to break the 20 Pesos to 1 US Dollar barrier. In the international ...
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Oil’s Most Important Price Level of 2015

As Oil begins to trade on the first day of the year, it is one of the most attractive places ...
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Is the English Economy Trapped?

England holds an interesting position between Europe and the United States and both of these countries have their impact on ...
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Will the DOW Hit 20,000 or 25,000 in 2015?

The first part of 2014 was quiet for the DOW Jones Industrial Average with its slow grind up in price ...
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Where Is Gold Going in 2015? Will it Go Back Up to the Highs?

2104 has been a rough year for those who have been holding Gold, not that it lost a lot ground ...
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December 2014 USA Federal Reserve and Your Money

The news release for the December 2015 USA Federal Reserve was a change in their language as to when interest ...
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Will Oil Go Below $50?

The price of Oil is currently still unwinding and we will have to wait until after the first of the ...
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